Taxation Compliance & Advisory

Business Structure

Proactive and open communication enable SPARK to make sure there are NO SURPRISES at the end of the tax year for you. We work closely with our clients year-round to plan and prepare for their tax needs with open, consistent communication well in advance of filing deadlines. At SPARK, we always stay informed about new tax laws and court rulings to ensure that we can help businesses across industries minimize current and future tax liabilities.

At SPARK, we believe that the businesses of today have to look at taxation  as a strategic on-going activity instead of a once a year activity. Tax planning and compliance are critical for every successful business.  Our experience positions us with a unique mix of tax expertise and business awareness allowing us to play the role of tax advisor. Our focus is to provide professional taxation services that allow you  to effectively and efficiently respond to and apply the relevant statutory tax laws impacting your business’ operating performance and future sustainability.

A key difference between SPARK and other accounting  firms is our ability to keep you abreast with the changing requirements of the tax laws and its consequential impact and opportunities so as to give your business a distinct competitive advantage.

SPARK’s taxation services include:

  • Tax planning of current and future years
    SPARK helps clients maximize tax benefits and minimize. We can advise when and how to buy or sell assets, how to structure a business and its operations across industries and how individuals can better structure their company and plan for retirement. 
  • Tax return preparation for individuals, corporations and partnerships
    At SPARK, we believe that tax implications are intertwined with a business’ structure. We have several years of experience in planning and preparing corporate and partnership taxes, so we understand the complexities and nuances associated with each. Due to our extensive experience with “pass-through” entities, such as S corporations and partnerships, we can help you anticipate the implications of a business decision on your individual tax returns. Proper planning is the key of our corporate and partnership tax services, and we work closely with our clients to make sure tax issues are as seamless as possible.
  • Tax projections associated with buying or selling a business
  • Tax consulting for business reorganizations
  • Tax-free exchange consulting
    Businesses and investors looking to continue to invest capital in a new asset while recognizing the benefits of a sale transaction and manage the sale of highly appreciated assets. A tax-free exchange under rules allowed by the IRS; if followed properly, can help produce profits that for tax purposes are deferred to a later date while at the same time provide acquisition capital for similar type assets. These types of exchanges are most popular in the real estate industry.
  • Multi-state tax preparation
    Most companies in today’s age operate across the nation and around the world. At SPARK, we go beyond simply preparing tax returns to offering proactive advice about corporate or partnership structuring to help secure additional tax benefits. We have deep experience handling multi-state issues for many clients, and handle returns for companies that file tax returns in multiple states.
  • International tax consulting
    Globalization has made geographic boundaries increasingly transparent; however, there are many complex details associated with doing business across borders. SPARK works with our clients to establish their businesses outside of the United States and also helps international companies take root in the United States.
  • Cost segregation studies
    An effective way to increase cash flow is spreading out tax obligations. At SPARK, we perform Cost segregation studies to help you identify whether increasing depreciation expenses in the near-term in order to defer taxes through a cost segregation study is the right move for you. Additional benefits of a cost segregation study can include reduced insurance premiums and property taxes. A cost segregation study is an essential and effective cash flow management tool.