Accounting Advisory

Business Structure

The current business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities and smart organizations are expanding their view see and address today’s heightened demand from regulators, investors and other stakeholders for clarity and accountability.

SPARK works with public and private companies to address these challenges and demands. Our extensive financial background, along with our management skills, enables us to help our clients reach their financial objectives. A quick rundown of what we can do for our clients include,

  • We draw upon our extensive knowledge and expertise to help our clients evaluate their options for dealing with not only financial but, also organizational, operational, and strategic issues facing their business.
  • We pride ourselves on applying innovative solutions that are practical and help deliver the desired results.
  • We proactively anticipate and help resolve issues, coupled with an understanding of the impact of income tax, financial market, corporate governance, rating agency and regulatory concerns preserve the value of transactions.
  • We can help our clients achieve greater operational efficiency, compete more effectively, and improve the bottom line within their organization.

Some of the services that we provide for our clients include,

  • Establish internal controls to minimize the risk of fraud schemes occurring
  • Preparation of financial models with projected financial statements
  • Review of business to determine key performance indicators
  • Design and implement management reporting systems
  • Generate, analyze, and report to management
    • Month and year-to-date results
    • Current year vs. prior year results
    • Budget vs. actual results
  • Assistance with loan financing
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Financial planning
  • Business continuity planning (enhancing return on investment)
  • Investment advisory