Off-Shore Bookkeeping

Business Structure

The current business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities. Depending on the nature of your business you may need assistance in meeting the demands from regulators, investors and other stakeholders for financing..  .

The role of a CFO is to oversee the company’s financial operations, act as the visionary for financial planning, and provide strategic insights for operational efficiencies. Paying equal attention to shaping a company’s vision and managing its day-to-day details is challenging, but essential As important as this role is for established firms, it is all the more important for growing businesses. However, growing businesses may not be able to justify hiring a full-time CFO. This is precisely where our CFO & Controller services can help. SPARK is a trusted partner helping businesses of all sizes become more profitable by improving their internal processes or by forging a new strategic direction. For small, entrepreneurial ventures or closely-held businesses where owners are also operators, we can act as a company’s Chief Financial Officer to help keep the big picture in focus. Our firm can act as an outsourced controller to perform high-level financial reporting, bookkeeping and write-up services.  This will help ensure that the details don’t get lost amid strategic planning.  We can evaluate your company’s operations to determine if the appropriate controls are in place to ensure proper handling of resources. Our commitment to open, proactive communication is the cornerstone of our services. We help businesses create and revise business plans, buy and sell assets, acquire companies and sell their own businesses. SPARK is as flexible as our clients need us to be so that together we can make sure the dollars make sense for your overall business goals. We’ll sit down with your team to offer innovative solutions to increase bottom-line profitability. SPARK’s established team has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you manage important issues and be prepared for what is on the horizon.

SPARK has a team of bookkeepers off-shore in Hyderabad who are well-versed in accounting procedures. We often function as our clients’ accounting staff, performing month-end closings and full monthly financial statements. We also handle payroll and manage data entry so our clients know their bottom lines at all times. SPARK works with public and private companies to address these challenges and demands. Our extensive financial background, along with our management skills, enables us to help our clients reach their financial objectives. A quick rundown of the services we provide for  our clients is as follows:

  • We draw upon our extensive knowledge and expertise to help our clients evaluate their options for dealing with not only financial but, also organizational, operational, and strategic issues facing their business.
  • We pride ourselves on applying innovative solutions that are practical and help deliver the desired results.
  • We proactively anticipate and help resolve issues, coupled with an understanding of the impact of income tax, financial market, corporate governance, rating agency and regulatory concerns preserve the value of transactions.
  • We can help our clients achieve greater operational efficiency, compete more effectively, and improve the bottom line within their organization.

Some of the services that we provide for our clients include,

  • Establish internal controls to minimize the risk of fraud schemes occurring
  • Preparation of financial models with projected financial statements
  • Review of business to determine key performance indicators
  • Design and implement management reporting systems
  • Generate, analyze, and report to management
    • Month and year-to-date results
    • Current year vs. prior year results
    • Budget vs. actual results
  • Assistance with loan financing
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Financial planning
  • Business continuity planning (enhancing return on investment)
  • Investment advisory