Business Structure

Measuring business performance is vital to professional and personal success. SPARK offers the tools companies need to benchmark their performance, so they can continue to do what works and stop doing what doesn’t. By examining what is behind an entity’s financial reports, we offer a critical review that gets beyond what’s in the bank to arrive at an accurate assessment of business operations and trends.

SPARK can enhance your operating processes through:

  • Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis
    One of the largest problems in any business today is poor information. A company can be managed without quality information, but it is difficult and risky. Our firm works to create financial data that allows you to access pertinent information including cash flow, debt service demands and financial performance.
  • Risk Management Knowledge
    One mistake can cost you your business. Everyone in today’s market is faced with risk management whether it’s in the form of workers compensation, general liability insurance, bonding companies or hedging. We can help you effectively manage these areas to avoid lawsuits and negotiate the best cost situation for long-term viability of your business.
  • Financial Systems
    As a company grows out of its current financial software, it needs advice on where to go next. Our firm can help identify a system that will fulfill your needs including accurate real-time information, essential levels of security and user-friendly software. We also train your staff to fully utilize the software so you receive the most benefit for your investment.
  • Banking Communication
    In today’s financial environment, maintaining a close relationship with your lender has never been more important. Providing them with timely and accurate information is a large part of that relationship. We can help you create that information and communicate it to your lender in order to build a partnership of trust and strength.
  • Business Performance Consulting – We will review your financial statements and spend time in your field or facility to gather an overall view on where your business is headed. We will visit with your key personnel to better understand the overall atmosphere of your company and dispel myths. We will analyze profit centers, find what needs to be changed and help you implement those changes.