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Business Structure

Whether your company is a fast-growing start-up, or an established player in a quickly evolving market, we go beyond traditional accounting to deliver unique insight that lets you stay ahead of the competition. We know that business owners in the fast paced technology industry don’t have time to deal with complicated accounting and tax issues. With deep industry knowledge and experience, we recognize the critical issues and unique financial accounting principles that impact the technology sector in the ever changing tax landscape. Our experience allows us to provide insight into the unique and challenging issues surrounding the technology and software business. Our professionals have the expertise in dealing with technology companies to help you stay competitive – whether you focus your business efforts domestically or internationally.

With a wide array of financial management, planning, advisory and accounting services we have helped many information technology companies simplify their accounting processes and get a better financial picture of their business and we can help you achieve the results that you have planned for your business. Our services include but are not limited to,

  • Revenue Recognition – Our goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls related to contract negotiation and revenue recognition. Through our understanding of the technical standards, we can help you structure customer agreements to maximize revenue recognition.
  • Asset Capitalization – Be it a software or a product, we understand that although difficult asset capitalization can help paint your overall financial picture. Our experienced staff can guide you through this process.
  • Financial Reporting and Compliance – SPARK is experienced in all aspects of financial reporting and compliance, so you can be confident that others are receiving quality information.
  • Tax Planning and Preparation Services – Tax decisions made today can have a major impact on your company’s future success. Our tax professionals will guide you through the complex tax decisions that can minimize your taxes and maximize your cash flow.
  • Accounting Services – We help ensure your numbers are available to you at all times helping you improve efficiency, productivity and performance issues
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – SPARK provides a wide array of services designed to resolve internal issues, improve business processes and market reach, and enhance your valuation. Some of our merger and acquisition services include,
    • Business Acquisition Accounting
    • Goodwill & Fair value Accounting
    • Financial Due Diligence
    • Process Integration and Transition Support
  • Transfer Pricing Services – Commonly overlooked, transfer pricing is setting of prices for inter-company transactions between affiliated businesses in different countries or states. Establishing transfer prices effectively determines the amount of income earned by each party.

If you have further questions or would like to know how we can help your technology/software company, feel free to drop us a message.